Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Comic True to Life

Today's Zits strip is so totally what we live with each day lately.

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A Pet I don't have to Feed or Clean up After

Miss K called me into her room and was so very excited.
She had found a pet she loved.
A bird was outside her window eating a left-behind apple on the tree.
She had given him a name: Flappy.
She was so happy each time "he" came back to nibble on the apple.
I love how simple things can make them super happy some days.

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I Like My Birth-Aptisms

I love my birthdays ev'ryone.
Each brings a greater joy to me.
But I can’t wait until I’m eight,
For then I’ll be baptized, you see.

To be baptized as Jesus was
By one who holds the priesthood true
And thus obey God’s holy laws
Is just the thing I want to do.

When hands are laid upon my head,
Then I’ll receive the Holy Ghost.
And, if I listen carefully,
I’ll have the blessing I need most.
So...Master J made up a new word this week.
And the reason is...
He was baptized on his birthday.
So crazy!
He was so excited.

When we looked last year to see if he would be baptized in February or in March.
We saw that the first Saturday was on his birthday.

We had some family come into town.
Plus the family that lives in town.

Afterward we had a brunch.
Then we visited and hung out and played.
Until 9:00 pm.
It was the best day!
(Baptisms always are)
What a way to start the year off.

Little Misses L and E reading books. L is so cute with her sack.

Little Misses D and E are a kitty and puppy cleaning up the books.

So happy that Mimi and Papa were able to come.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

FHE/You really listened?

For FHE tonight we went over the poster Master J
got Sunday from the Primary President.

My Gospel Standards.

We discussed each part and how we can live by that principle.
For example: If we are watching TV and a show comes
on that makes us feel scared, or yucky, or just uneasy,
then we will turn it off.

Afterward, Miss K was writing on a paper.
She was diligent and wouldn't stop, even to get ready for bed.
After a while, I was ready for her to get in bed.
I took away her pencil and saw what the deal was.
She was copying the poster.
She wanted a poster just like Master J, so she was making one of her own.

I really love it when I see that they are listening
to what we teach in a lesson setting.
They might copy our examples (even some we don't want them to copy).
But to hear and see them doing something we tell them to do, is so rewarding.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Happy Brithday 8 Year Old

So Master J had a birthday coming up.
The big 8.
Friday before his birthday we had a friend party.
He wanted the theme to be Bey Blades.
These are crazy things.
The kids love them.
They are a "spin" on the top.
The kids love them.

We had some friends over for pizza, cake and ice cream, and fun.
Now to get ready for the big day tomorrow.

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