Thursday, March 27, 2014

Class Treat

For Misses D's and E's birthday treat at school we decided to take popcorn.  Less sugar,  but potentially more messy. Since they are into frozen,  we printed Elsa and Anna on the bags.  I just stuck them in the printer after taping the flap down. I think it turned out pretty well.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, Monday

Today I decided to try and do some shopping.  I haven't driven for a bit,  because I didn't feel good about it.  The dizziness made it too scary.  Especially since I was involved in a fender bender.  Last week I made Sir Spoil-Her-Highness take me out so I could see how I did.  I think that if I have no distractions,  then I am fine.  I hope my concentration will continue to get better.
I did birthday shopping for the girls.  Outfits mainly.  And I got some pants for myself.  I also did a bit of grocery shopping.  It felt good to get out.  Though tonight I feel quite worn out. 
The weather was great,  so I let the kids play out until after 5:00. Then we did homework.  I didn't even worry about chores because I wanted them to get fresh air. 
This morning I cleaned one couch. I hope to do the other tomorrow and the front room floor Thursday.  My mom is coming Wednesday,  so I will take that day off. 
We actually got to bed before 10:00. That's been rare since the time change.  (I am still anti Daylight Savings Time) I think that getting more sleep will help for sure.  

Boy, this mom business is so much easier when they are asleep. 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Unplugging Myself

Okay,  so tonight I was thinking about how to have a better relationship with my family.  The last two months have been crazy busy,  and next month is going to be just as bad.
I had this thought (which I have had several times before) that I need to be unplugged when the kids get home from school.
I have tried this,  and since my afternoons are not the empty easy-going time I imagined,  it has not happened much at all.
What being"unplugged" means to me is: being done with house work (or at least not doing it), putting down the book,  pausing the sewing/crafts I am doing,  and not working on the computer.  This is just for the hour after they are home. 
Many times I have just one more load of laundry to fold,  or one more picture to crop,  or one more step on my crafts to finish.  But then I miss the moment. 
Soon my goal for April (which I will start this week so I can tweak it) is to be unplugged when the kids get home.

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Family History Fair

Today I am helping with our stake's Family History Fair.  It is so fun. Though I am not hearing anything new it is motivating me to get going again.  The class I am teaching is the Intro to Family Search website.  I am currently in a class about blogging.  So I think I need to get going with this again.  And not be a perfectionist about the whole thing.

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