Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013

    This Christmas has been quite different.
    We have completely simplified things 
(you can tell by the fact part of our lights are out!).
    For starters, we only put up 1/10th of our decorations.
    We have even simplified the gift giving.  We have always given just 4 gifts (clothes, books, something fun, PJs), and Santa brings only 1.  But we have even simplified that.
    The fruit of less craziness is, I am all ready for Christmas.  I finished the last thing on Saturday.  
    Today was quite nice.  We cleaned the house, played in the snow, took around friend gifts, watched movies, played wii, went caroling, ate goodies, drank cocoa, had friends over.  It was very relaxing. It is just fine not to have everything perfect.   No more going overboard!
    I can't wait until tomorrow.  I usually am up until 2:00 am wrapping.  Then Christmas morning is so exhausting! What a difference it will make with a full night of sleep!
    I am hoping that this break we will be able to feel more of the spirit.  It will be nice to have a home full of love and kindness, instead of a home filled with stress and freaking out (yes, I freak out!).
Merry Christmas!

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