Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy Easter neighbor/visiting teaching gift

This is something that my mom did for us every Easter. We would fill it with jelly beans, m&ms, or whatever.
Go to the feed store and purchase some chick feeders. Get a quart size mason (canning) jar. Fill with the candy of your choice (usually about 2 bags). Screw the feeder to the top. Add a bow (or not). Then turn it upside down so the candy falls into the feeder. (It looks almost empty at the point.) Then enjoy.
(One nice thing is that the candy can only be eaten one piece at a time. A great thing for me.) Pin It

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family Class: Money

So the other topic last week was "Money". Kinda fitting with anger management. I am currently in a situation where we are both on the same page concerning money, and how to manage it. What works for us is in Purple.

Here is what was discussed at the class:
First off, there is a decision to be made, do you choose to
1- Keep the money separate?
What money should be kept separate?
How much will each person contribute to the household ($ amount or % of income)?
2- Pool our money? We pool our money.
What money, if any, is to be kept personal? We have a budget for personal money. When we first got married $15 per person was for our own use each month. That has gone up over the years.
What is the limit for spending without asking the other? Again $15 is what we started out with.
What money is to be shared? All money is shared.
How much discussion is appropriate (and who has the final say) when purchases are made? We do discuss each purchase and we both agree on what the decision is, or the purchase is not made.

Whether money is separate or combined, there are some questions that need to be addressed:
-How will financial emergencies and unexpected expenses be handled? We have a savings account that we use for emergencies and such. If it is more than we have, (ex. hospital stays) then we will put it on the credit card.
-What spending categories are most important? Well, food of course, and then utilities and other necessities.
-Will credit be used? What amount of debt are you comfortable with? When we first got married, there was a lot of debt, and over the past 8 years we have managed to get rid of it. And we like it that way, but understand that things happen. A house is okay to go into debt for. As well as a vehicle, within reason.
-Who will keep track of your money? What method will you use? I keep track of the money, but DH will help when he can. He also has a few bills he pays on line. We have most of them taken out of the checking account automatically (I Love This!!). We use Microsoft Money as the program to help keep things straight.
-Will monthly or yearly budgets be created? We use a monthly budget and take out yearly items a little each month. By whom? We both sit down and create it. In fact, that is what we did last night. How closely will they be followed? We try to follow it pretty well, but we also understand that there are things that come up that we don't expect. And with 7 kids, that happens pretty often.
-Will family members be expected to help out financially? We don't expect family to help out, but we have had to LET them help. This was hard for us to do. Will you be expected to help out other family members? We aren't expected to help others (unless you count that Heavenly Father expects us to help others) but we do. We love that we are ABLE to help others.
-How will you make these decisions? Well, prayer.
-How will children and stepchildren's expenses be handled? It all goes in the family pot. They are OUR children, and the money is theirs as much as ours. Though we, the parents, get the final say as to what the money will be spent on.
-What will you do if another parent is not meeting their child support obligation? This has been hard for us to deal with. I'm not very assertive and he (DH) doesn't want the money. But we have to be realistic. Kids cost money. Once we decided that him (ex) paying his (ex's) share was his (ex's) way of renting the kids for the summer, then it became easy to expect it would be taken care of. We have a pretty open plan with this. If there is unpaid medical bills or the like, then the other parent will have to do the traveling (pay for plane tickets or whatever) until the balance is taken care of.

I know from experience that this is a thing that we all have to deal with. And communication is the best way. Even if it is a sore subject, it will help. I hate money. It still freaks me out. Even though I know that we will be able to eat and pay the electric bill, I still have occasional sleepless nights worrying.

So, what are some ways that you handle money? Pin It

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Class: Anger Management

I am going to be writing a bit more about what our family is made up of. For starters, this is my second marriage. Three of the kids are from my first marriage, and the other four are from this marriage.

We entered the teenage years 4 years ago, and though we both love teenagers, we are being hit with things we just aren't sure how to handle. So we decided that we would find a class to take so we are a class at the Child and Family Support Center that focuses on Step-families. It is a class funded through the university by the government.
So far we have mainly heard the same things we heard in the Marriage and Family course we took Sundays during Sunday School.

The main thing I would stress is to communicate with your children. And not just about how was your day. Get feelings into it. "I am upset when you aren't where you said you would be." "I feel sad when your share of the chores don't get done." Then listen to what they are saying, and repeat it back to make sure you are understanding them. "I just want to hang out with my friends." "You just want to hang out with your friends?" "Yes." "I am the only one who does anything around here." "You are the only one who does any chores around the house?" "Yes."

Then there was another thing we discussed that I disagreed with. You'll have to let me know your opinion. We discusses anger management. There was one family where the father was having a hard time with the kids yelling and throwing tantrums with out any punishment attached. The point was made that you should let them throw tantrums. That it is appropriate for children to throw fits. Then one of the women said that you can't expect the children to act any better than you yourself would act. That is when I spoke up.

Now, in our 8 years of marriage I have heard Tony raise his voice only maybe 5 times. He may get angry, but he doesn't express it in that way. He will get the kids attention in other ways. If you are being dangerous, if you are being disrespectful, if you are hurting another person, he will get your attention in another way. Usually by getting in their personal space. By looking them in the eye. By picking them up. He will talk to them about what they have done wrong and what the punishment is for this action.

He has this saying. "Be happy 'cuz Christ lives." Does it really matter? Is this going to ruin someones salvation? Pick your battles. How important is it? Kids make messes, break things, get all the toys out. Teach them what is okay to do, then help them clean up their messes. If they are in one of those moods, put them in their room, the back yard, or buckle them in their high chairs so that you can gain control of the messes.

For example, Katia will hit her sister. Daddy will pick her up, tell her that hitting is not acceptable, and that she will have to sit on the stool for 3 minutes, then say "sorry" for hurting her sister, followed by a hug from Katia to her sister, and from Daddy to Katia.

Now, I didn't always express my anger in the way I should have. But I have learned from DH how to control myself. And I expect the kids will do the same. We do not feel tantrums are okay. If you are throwing a fit, then you need to go to your room until you calm down.

Some tips they did give us for calming down are:
Go for a walk.
Ride your bike.
Count to 10 (or 20, or 30, or...).
Talk about it with a person you trust who is a good listener.
Take a bath or shower.
Do something that helps you calm down. Watch the sun set, gaze at the moon, sit by a lake.
Say "I am angry because..."
Write a letter or in your journal.
Draw, paint, or sculpt.
Listen to relaxing music. (Don't listen to "angry" sounding music, or watch movies. These usually will not help to soothe.)

DS age 11 made a bottle with oil and colored water. You shake it and watch the colors separate while you settle down. A great idea.

So, tell me your opinion. Should you just let your children throw fits? Should there be a punishment attached? How do you teach them to control their tempers? How do you control your temper? Pin It

A Week of Easter

Today our Primary lesson was the Easter lesson/Resurrection. One of the questions asked what do you like best about Easter. The kids mentioned egg hunts, bunnies, but one mentioned the Resurrection. I of course like the candy and watching the kids hunt for their baskets that the Easter Bunny hides, but I also love the newness I feel. The time to look inside myself and see where I need to improve.
I am so excited for Easter this year. Spring is here. The girls are old enough to have fun. We get to hear a prophet. But I have been wanting to find a great way to have the spirit of the holiday. So after doing some searching, I think that we will be doing a Week of Easter. Here are a couple of sites that have some great ideas you might like:
Easter all Week at Chocolate on my Cranium and We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ

Katia went to the ballet yesterday and has been dancing around non stop. So even in this picture you can see her dancing.

Emma (pink) and Delta (purple) were so excited to go to church that they let me do their hair and get them dressed with such enthusiasm, I was so shocked.

Yes, today was a great day. It has gotten me looking at what I can (and need to) do to make sure I am being the best I can, and find ways to improve myself. Pin It

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday Mom, Delta, and Emma,
Happy Birthday to us.

So yesterday was our birthday. We had a bit of a different day than I had planned. Emma was sick, so I ended up holding her and Delta for the first part of the day. But I did get to watch a movie during this. Julie and Julia. Such a good movie. Think I'll watch it again today while I fold laundry and clean. Multitasking!!
My mom came for a visit. So good to see her. She helped while I got the cake going.
Then I got to go sit in the doctor's office for an hour. Then run around town to get the supplies and meds so we could survive the weekend. So my birthday dinner was changed from Bacon Wrapped Chicken, to Pizza. WooHoo!! Emma and I ran by to pick it up on our way home.
But Sweet Sister-in-Law says I get a do over. This morning I am blogging, checking out facebook, and have already gotten a shower. Only 2 of the kids are up, and they just now got up. I get to spend the day with DH, and the plan is to get the house clean and then just relax. Oh, and the sun is shining!! A better day is sure to follow. Pin It

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Laying Around

I have SO MUCH craft stuff that is just laying around. I can't get rid of it. So I either have to put it in storage, or I have to use it. So what I've been doing is going through each thing. If I can do something with it right now, then it stays out. If not, it goes away.
I have a bunch of glass pebbles. I've been looking for something to do with them. I've got a few winter ideas. But I don't want to do anything winter. So when I came across this idea from Misty at Creative Itch, I decided we just had to do it.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Preparing Your Home for Sale

We are getting ready to put our house on the market. We have outgrown it. This is not a great time to sale a house. But it is spring, and after praying about it, we feel like this is what our family is suppose to do right now.
So we have been cleaning, de-cluttering, spring cleaning, whatever we can to make someone want to buy our house. So we have asked for advice from our neighbor who just sold their house. And also my parents who sold their house a few years ago, and our realtor.
The thing my parents said to do was to take yourself out of your house. Take down all the family photos. And get rid of the clutter. What is out of place. What doesn't have a place. So we have rented a storage unit to put the things in we don't use right now. We have taken several loads to Deseret Industries.
The realtor said to take down any religious items. Pictures of the temple, Portraits of the Prophet or Christ.
Our neighbor said to clean out closets so they will look larger. Also to take the leaves out of the dining table so the dining room looks bigger.
I have also done research online. Here are some sites that had great advice:

So now I want to know what some of you think. Do you think in Utah it would make that much difference if my family's photos are displayed. If I have a picture of the temple, Christ, President Monson on the wall it will make that much difference. Please tell me your opinion and give me some help. I thank you ahead of time for all your ideas. We don't want to have it on the market for very long. We want to be able to move this year, even this summer. Pin It

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Procrastinated Crafts

I have said it before, I am a keeper. I keep all kinds of fabric, craft stuff, whatever, because I just MIGHT need it at some future time.
Well, I have vowed to use some of the items that have been hanging around for quite a while.
To start off with, I've had fabric lying around since Jayden was a baby. I was going to use it to make something, just don't know what. I'm sure a blanket or PJs. What ever reason it was originally purchased for, I have finally used it.

I made receiving blankets. It was an easy project. It took me so long to get my serger out compared with how long it took me to actually sew them, that I went hunting for any fabric I had left over from doing a blanket or PJs so I could use it to make more blankets. There was some fabric I had left over from a blanket for Jayden when I was still pregnant with him. I was going to use the left over to make bumper pads, but didn't get around to it. Oh well.
I just serged around the cloth (about 1 and a half yards) and rounded the corners, then it was done.

The next thing I did was to get out the boards and vinyl letters so that I could make the signs form Enrichment night 2 years ago.
This was also an easy project. I painted the boards, then let them dry while I went and did laundry. Then I would paint another coat and let it dry while I cleaned the girls room. Then I pealed off the backing and set it in place, let it sit for a few minutes (this helps it come off the sticky part easier) while I went and cleared off the table. After it was ready, I went, sprayed it with sealer and let it dry until this evening.

Finally checked off these things that were no longer on my list, it had been so long. Pin It

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleep Losing, Daylight Saving Time

For those of you who live in Arizona, you don't have to deal with this. Except that then you have to figure out what time TV shows come on so you can set your DVR. And you have to remember about it so when you call family in other states, you catch them at home, and not asleep.
I am ANTI-time change. I don't understand it. Why do we need to change time. I've hear it is to help with businesses to get the most out of shopping times. And to get work done early so you still have light at the end of the day to be outside in your yard. So change your hours of operation. How hard would that be?
Since moving to Utah, I have complained about it the weeks following the start. I will tell everyone what time it would have been if we hadn't changed our clocks. Then the weeks preceding the change back, I will tell everyone what time it WILL be when we get off this daylight savings schedule.
I know I am only one person and can't change it for the whole world. I can't understand why we either don't just stay on this schedule if it's so great.
Now, let me tell you the beauty of NOT changing your clocks. In the summer when the sun is up longer, and it's so hard to get the kids to bed, in Arizona at bedtime, it isn't too light to get the kids to go to bed. If you want to do something in your yard, get up early. It's so much easier to get up early than try and convince the little ones that it really IS bedtime, even though the sun is still up. They don't get up exactly when the sun comes up, but they can't go to bed unless the sun is down. Don't know why, that's just how it is.
Now, I know that it seems I should just move back to Arizona, but I love my town. I love my ward and neighbors. Love the kids' schools and teachers. I love that we live so close to our church we can walk each week. And I love that the library is so close the kids can walk. I can't leave it. I WON'T leave it. I will put up with this whole time change thing. I may complain about it for those 4 weeks. Just ignore me. But if you are in a position to do something about it, please do. I am not the only one who thinks it should go away. Pin It

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Hanging Towel (a tutorial)

When I do dishes or dinner, I need a towel. But one is not always found where it belongs. So I use towels that hook onto the stove (or whatever). Well, the one my grandma made was kinda So I decided to make a new one.
I started with a trip to WalMart. I found a towel set that came with hot pads. ($5 for 4 towels, 3 hot pads, and a washcloth)
I started by finding the middle of the hot pad with the loop on top and the picture on the inside.

I placed the middle of the towel on the middle line of the hot pad, gathering and pinning as you go.

Stitched it together.

Then I sewed a matching button (found in my stash) on the bottom of the pad.
Use the loop to hook the button.

Hang where ever you wish.

Now I have 2 new hanging towels and a hot pad, washcloth, and 2 flour sack towels that cost me $5 and 20 minutes. Probably the fastest thing I've made in the past year, other than hair bows. Pin It

It's Coming, It's Coming, It's Coming!!

Yes, spring is right around the corner. I love all the seasons. But spring is my favorite. I've mentioned this before. But with all the overcast days we had this past winter, I am so grateful that spring is on its way. I even don't mind the cold and snow, but I need the sun.
I cleaned out a few of my flower beds this week (brrrr! It was so cold! But the sun was shining, so it sorta made up for it.) And guess what I saw under the leaves? SPROUTING TULIPS!! I am so excited!

Then I looked at the tree in our front yard and saw those little buds that turn into leaves! WooHoo!!
One thing I am looking forward to, is the kids will play outside more, and on the back of the couch less.
We did bring in the little tikes slide. This has helped a little to save the back of the couch.
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Surviving Stake Conference (catching up from Monday)

For those of you with children, you will know that going to Stake conference can be a trial. In fact, if I have to go by myself, I just won't. Well, I have gone by myself a few times. The one time that was just fine: Katia was sick, so Tony stayed home with her and I went to watch Ari sing in the children's choir.
With small kids, I have to be prepared for this 2 hour ordeal. Especially since I really want to hear and get something out of the talks. So before each conference I will get something new for each of the kids. Here is what I did for the boys:
I made notebook/crayon keeper. Here is a great tutorial.

I made mine to fit a larger notebook and a whole 24 count box of crayons.
Then for the girls I got these on clearance:

Princess and the Frog notebooks to draw in and "take notes", and magnet tins.

Now, we weren't able to go, as we had sick kids who were coughing, and didn't want to spread the "love" or drown out the talks. But we were able to get a recording of it. Which will be great because we can listen to it, rewind, pause, and listen when the little ones are busy or napping. Pin It

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finding Joy in Motherhood

A while back we had a RS Conference with another stake with the theme being Joy. It was so great. We started with a talk in the chapel, then broke off to go to different classes. On that I took was Finding Joy Raising Teens. The other I took was Finding Joy in Marriage. The one I didn't take was Finding Joy in Motherhood.
Here is a quote by President Thomas S. Monson from spring 2008:
"To find real happiness, we must seek for it in a focus outside ourselves. No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man."
I have always wanted to be a mom. While I was in high school, I remember wanting to be a mom and have 6 kids. When I was in elementary school, I thought I would be a teacher, because they get to be off when their kids are off. (my mom had to work while we were kids, so I thought it would be the same for me) I loved to babysit, and had a number of babysitting jobs while in school. The kids were so cute and fun. But they weren't mine. I got to go home when the parents got home.
Now move forward 18 years.
I am still so grateful to be a mom. When I hear of women who can't have children, it makes me so sad for them. I know they will get to raise children in the here-after, but I get to right now.
I know that it can be hard. With soBut many children, the house isn't clean very often. Well, it gets cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, dusted. But there are always things that are not where they belong. The toys get left out. Homework isn't put up. Food fixings get left out.
Then you have to sacrifice your time for them. Well, I guess you don't have to. But if you don't, there won't be as much happiness.
So most of my projects get to go on the back burner. Kinda frustrates me. But that's how it is.
They also cost a lot. they need food, clothing, a place to live. Then there are the fun things. Toys, books, activities.
You also have to help them with things. When they are infants, you do everything for them. As they get older, you have to help them dress, get food, read to them, pick up after them, get things down for them, hold them, talk to them, teach them, help with homework, have play dates, drive them places, pick them up from places, get them in bed, wake them up, wait up for them....I could go on, but won't. You know, you've been there (or are there).
So, to sum up, kids take a lot of work. My sweet BIL asks why anyone would want to be a parent. Our new response is from a friend: Because we don't want to be the servants to those in the mansions.
But it really is more than that. Think of the joy you felt when you first found out you were expecting. Then when you first held that baby. Then you watch them grow. They learn new things everyday. They smile at you. They say the best things. They are so Chirst like at time. They will say something that makes you want to be a better person.
On those bad days, I just have to remember what amazing things they do. How they make me feel when I see them (even if it's while they are sleeping). How exciting it is when they do something new.
For example: Katia is a sunbeam this year. She was so excited! The first day of the new year, we were at a baby blessing 2 hours away and weren't able to take her to her new class. This broke her heart. This was going to be such a fun thing. Of course after 2 months, she still wants to sit by us during sharing time, instead of with her own class. She does go to class okay, and has a great time~
Jayden has been reading chapter books. He has been so excited about this. He was trying to learn to read in his head 2 months ago. While he would be "reading", all I saw was his finger moving across the page. Why can he read the page faster than me? Well, he didn't realize that you have to "think" the words on the page. He thought you just looked at the letters as your finger went by them. So now, he has it figured out. But it was so funny for him to say "Done" when he wasn't. And then wonder why he couldn't tell me what the chapter was about.
Ari has been trying to keep his room clean. But he couldn't figure out why he couldn't find anything. Well, he would just put everything on the shelves and call it good. A couple of weeks ago he decided to organize these shelves. I wondered what would happen. He was so surprised that most of the stuff, first of all, didn't go on the shelf, and second of all, was trash. Since then, he has kept his room clean, the shelves organized, and the trash seems to need emptying each week. He also has been doing a great job at getting his dirty clothes in the hamper.
BTW, he use to be the most perfectionist of all the kids. But now he blends in with the rest. Must be the "tween" thing.Now,
Julia was such a moody thing. She complained about everything. Nothing ever was right and every day was a bad one. Now when I talk to her, she is so happy and excited about things. (This may be because she is a cheerleader, but I'll take what I can get.)
Elyse is just a crafty thing. She loves to make things. It was so fun when she first started doing things on her own. She would put the craziest things together. And then I would wear them. Now I love to wear her things. She makes amazing jewelry. Her hair bows are so cute and fun. She sewed her own Halloween costume in 2008. She makes blankets, and gives them to friends. She even made most of the birthday cakes last year (all but Tony's). She makes the best homemade macaroni and cheese.
Now, I don't know that I always LOVE every moment of motherhood. This past week was a dozy. It is so hard to have sick kids. All I did was hold someone all week. The house was a total mess. I was even ecstatic when I got to sweep the kitchen. But when I finally was able to get it into my head that this was how it was going to be for a while, I was able to find joy in this challenge. First of all, I won't get to hold them for much longer. Katia especially. I was able to "relax" more than usual. I read a book, watched a few movies. Watched many children's shows. Surfed the web. Found a lot of crafts I want to do, but don't have time for. (I'll get to them in a few years) I got to read to the kids a bunch. They didn't always like the books I chose, but hey, they were stuck with me.
I also love to do things with the kids. Thursday, since Delta and Emma were feeling a bit better, we decided to make a purple picture. I gave them a crayon, paper, and we started talking about what was purple. Then we found a few things in the kitchen that were purple. It was fun. We also love to blow bubbles. I love it because I just have to sit there and blow while they run around and pop. So good.
I love teaching them things. The other day Jayden was asking a question about something that just wasn't making sense. After talking for a while, I figured out what he was really asking. He wanted to know about the planets and the creation and why some people don't believe that God was the one in charge of it. So we were able to talk about how we "think" that it was created, what the scriptures say, and why some people don't believe in God. It was a great thing for me, because I am just a believer, and don't always have to know the why.
I find joy watching the kids play. this morning Jayden (6) and Katia (3) were playing the wii while picking up the front room. It was so great to watch them. Jayden would help Katia with the game, and he would then go and pick up a few toys while he waited for his turn. He would get happy for her and say"Great job" or "Way to go" It was so good to hear that. They were treating each other with so much kindness. Taking turns. Picking up. What could get any better than that.
We have to find the joy in what we are doing. In being a mom. In the messes. They fade so quickly. (though at times I wonder) In the hard times. They too will pass. In the loss of sleep. (though that may never go away)
I can't believe how blessed we are. 7 children. Man!! Pin It

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where have all the socks gone?!?

As some of you know, we pin our socks together before they go in the wash. This is a trick I learned from my sweet MIL. She did this with her family's socks, and her boys were able to keep their socks from getting lost in the wash. Now, I'm sure that you who have had to wash baby socks will know, that those little things seem to get lost somewhere between their feet, and their drawer. I was convinced that the washer ate them.This is when I started pinning. Before that it hadn't been to bad. I asked a repairman friend of mine, where he thought they went. He said that the washer did indeed eat them. The socks can get sucked out during the spin cycle. The pin can aid in them not getting sucked out. And they don't get lost from each other. This makes the folding job much shorter.
Now, I haven't been able to convince the older kids to pin their socks. But they sure get to spend a lot of time fishing through the miss-matched-sock basket. Maybe they love this time to sit and dig through the socks and try to find the pairs. Some kind of challenge for their boring day.
How do I store the pins? I've done a few different things over the years. I've kept them in a pin cushion, or a small tupperware. What I'm doing now is keeping them in a paperclip container. The magnet at the top has slowed down the spilling process (don't ask me why it is so fun to dump them out). This one goes in our room.

I also have kept the little foam thing that the scrapbook brads come in and put some in that. I keep one in the laundry room for any socks that come through missing a pin (the little kids' and the parents, anyway). I also have one by the phone for pins to go in that have been left out by the kids.

In the kids' room I keep them in a jewelry drawer. They have a cute little box with 5 drawers. One is labeled "pins", and they go in that. (This isn't very child proof. The little girls climb on the dresser and get into the jewelry and they end up dumped everywhere. Oh well.)
My husband hardly ever needs a place to put his pin. He takes the one out of the clean socks and instantly puts it in the dirty ones. It is a rare occurrence when his socks aren't pinned. I think it means that he isn't getting enough sleep or has too many things on his mind. (Like any of that would ever happen.) Pin It

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 More Things I'm Grateful For

Today I've found a few more things I am grateful for.
1-I'm thankful for the sun which is shining every once in a while.
2-I'm thankful that it isn't my week to drive carpool.
3-I'm grateful there isn't a lot of laundry today.
4-I'm grateful that my husband comes home for lunch almost everyday (except today as he is doing a training meeting).
5-I'm glad the bus stop is right outside my house so I don't have to worry or go get DS 6.
6-I'm grateful that the girls napped for a bit so I could sweep the floor.
7-I'm thankful for DI where I can get books to add to our collection and not have to keep reading the same ones over and over.
8-I'm glad that it wasn't my turn for preschool this week, and that DD 3 went with out any tears.
9-I'm glad that we have a temple so close, and am hoping that I can go tonight with the RS sisters.(Hopefully the girls will get feeling better so I will feel that I can leave them.)
10-I'm grateful that I could take a shower again this morning, and that the water was hot, and to DH for holding the crying girls so I could do so. Pin It

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 things I'm grateful for today:

I have many things I'm grateful for. Doctors just 3 minutes away who fit me in whenever I call. Doctor who will call in meds for the other sick one so I don't have to go back in 4 hours later. DH who runs errands for me who is stuck on the couch holding 2 sick girls. A remote so I can just sit and change the channels for the girls. A laptop to keep me connected to the world outside. (yesterday was very isolating) Girls that can talk and tell me what they need (water, blankie, movie, story, hold me, bread) A helping big sister. (thanks Katia) DH who will stay home to help me get DS out the door. Big kids who will get the clothes out of the dryer, into the dryer, into the washer. Easy dinner recipe. (see this recipe: Pin It

Monday, March 1, 2010

FHE on Gratitude

I copied this lesson from Cocoa.
Here is how we modified it to fit in with our sick day:
With the GAK picture 221, we told the story of the Ten Lepers.
Then we read some scriptures to find out what things we are suppose to be thankful for.
Jacob 4:3
Ether 6:8-9
Mosiah 24:20-22
We also watched this video called Good to be Alive:
The activity for the week that we are going to do is we are going to make a tree and put leaves on with something we are grateful for written on it. At the end of the week we'll review what we are thankful for.
I also shared with them my gratitude journal. I write 10 things each day that I am grateful for. It started out simple, and difficult, but it is now easy for me to think of 10 things each day I'm grateful for.
I am also going to pay attention and thank the kids for things they do. Hoping that it will set the example I am hoping will be copied. We'll see.... Pin It


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