Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Wednesday is my temple day.  It's also my errand day.  I usually go run a few errands then head to the temple.  Inn the winter I can get the groceries first, then get to the temple when it isn't as busy.  This week I decided to go first, then do running around.  It was pretty good.  The session wasn't very big, and I was able to sit by a super nice sister.  I even stayed awake through it all. (Yeah, shouldn't be shocking, but in the last 6 months it's become pretty hard for me to get through the day.) 
Well, I then went to see what I could get done before lunch.  But hey, I forgot the coupons for a few thins.  I decide to go get groceries on the way home.  As I was getting ready to go in, I realized I forgot my family name at the temple.  It wouldn't have been a big deal, but that name needed sealing to her parents, and I didn't want to forget. I drove back to the temple to grab the name.  I remembered  an errand I could run on the way home. 
I finally got home and had lunch.  I made sure I had all I needed to go out again.  Went to grab Julia a birthday present.  Went to find what I thought she would like.  I know what she was talking about around Christmas, and decided that would be the thing.  It took a few stops to  find just the thing.  There were a few other things to get, so grabbed them as I could.
Got home and discovered that I had forgotten a few things!!!  Ugh!  Now I just have to try and check the list next time I go out. Pin It


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