Sunday, September 25, 2011

Court of Honor

Master A had Court of Honor today.
He has earned a lot of awards.
It was great to see all that he has accomplished and show his younger siblings all that he has accomplished.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spirit Week

Master A had Spirit Week the week of September 19th.
He had such fun dressing up.
Monday was blah blah blah

Tuesday was ... I can't remember.

Wednesday was "Harry Potter Day".

Thursday we "Super Hero Day".
He dressed up as Captain Obvious!

Friday was school colors day.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mom's Preschool Co-op

As most of you know, we do a co-op in our neighborhood for preschool.
The main reason for this is to save money.

I feel strongly about school. I love school. And I want my children to love school as well.
So when we moved here and I started looking into preschools for Master A, I was shocked at the price. I was doing daycare at the time, and just implemented learning activities into our day. (This is the same thing I did with Cheerful Cheerleader).

When Master J was old enough to participate in preschool, I was doing the "Queen of the Castle" thing and not daycare. So I decided to start a co-op for preschool.

When Glamorous Graduate was of preschool age, we did Joy School. That was great, until I found out that I had to keep paying for the materials with the next children, even though I had already purchased them.

So I decided to just find a curriculum that we could use.
The first we used, that I LOVE, is The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood.

I purchased mine at Borders. Some of the moms got theirs at
I love how there are different ideas for each theme to make sure each of the senses are used. There are a lot of hands on activities, gross motor, math, science, and others.

Then two years ago we decided to use the Month-by-Month Preschool Almanac.

This book has activities that correspond with the time of year. Again, there a several different learning activities to make sure all learning types are covered.

We don't just go by the book, either. If you have a great idea you want the kids to do, then do it. There are so many fun things that can be done, but the books give ideas so that it isn't too hard to find something. Plus, it gives us a theme to go on.

This year we are only doing it once a week. Some of us have Kindergarteners who go in the afternoon. We decided that we would do preschool in the afternoon, as well.
Here is the schedule we are following this year:

Tomorrow I am doing "Apples, Apples, Apples". It should be fun! And coming up with the snack was a cinch. I am not going to make apple butter, as was suggested, but I might show them how to make applesauce. That is, if I am up to it.

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