Sunday, October 4, 2015

Toe the Line

Okay, so I'm certain most of you have stubbed your toe. Probably more than once. So this cannot be too surprising, especially since I am the clumsiest person around.
(A bit of back story: Julia broke her toes a while back. Severely. Surgery and a knee scooter were involved. She is my daughter, so that was passed along.)
I was getting ready to head out to a hair appointment. Had it planned for 2 weeks. So as I walked past the couch toward the door, I stubbed my pinky toe. Not a small injury either. (If you are going to do some thing, make it count!) My pinky toe was at a 90 °
So I straightened my toe, put on my flip flops, and headed out the door.
Along the way it began to swell, which helped keep it still.
I got my hair done, and enjoyed visiting with my good friend. By the time I was done, my toe had become quite swollen.
I carefully drove home, called Tony, and had Ari drive me to the doctor. (The pain had become unbearable.)
When we got there, Ari helped me walk in. We were taken back to the exam room and my blood pressure and temperature were recorded.
Dr Isaacson came in and asked the story. He was shocked I would set my own bone. But I had a hair appointment! That's super important!
Apparently, setting the toe was the best thing I could have done. Had I not, the swelling would have held the break and they would have had to wait for it to decrease and possibly rebreaking it to set it.
I have been asked how I knew what to do, and I know it was the Holy Ghost. I could see what I needed to do to fix the toe.
I am very grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost in my life.

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