Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Moving Forward with Faith {Let's Get Busy Building}

We have been building a house since last fall.  I really need to be better at documenting it, so I decided to just start now and get words down before it leaves my mind.

So, let's see... I'll have a modge-podge of what we have been doing.  

For starters, we've been on this path of building for about 7 years.  When we added Delta and Emma to the family, we were instantly squished in our house.  Boys in one room, older girls in another room, and the three (3) little girls in another.  And babies have lots of needs.  Diapers, blankets, clothes, toys were everywhere.  Organization didn't look like it was organized.  

We had every room filled to overflowing.  We  had a full storage room with our food storage and seasonal items and hand-me-down and seasonal clothes. Plus kids have STUFF.  LOTS OF STUFF. 
The older girls moved out and did the adult thing, but we were still a bit squished. 

We had been trying to sell our home.  But because we had so much stuff, everyone wasn't able to see around it.  We tried selling several times.  When it didn't work out, we thought we weren't supposed to move.  Yet every time we took it to the Lord, we knew we were supposed to get into a larger house. 

Finally we decided to look for a rental.  We would move into that and empty our house since an empty house sells better.  Finding a rental took over 9 months.

A friend in our neighborhood had a rental that became empty, so we were able to move in there.  It seems HUGE!!  Ari and Jayden have their own rooms, as well as Katia.  

We don't have all of our things at the house.  We had put most of our seasonal things in storage.  Decorations, clothing, snow boots and other gear, and everything that is a less used item.  We did, however move our food storage with us.  

{{I've been playing a sort of GAME where I try and figure out how much of an item I need to buy before we move.  We have used lots of things in the past 14 months, and luckily haven't had to purchase a ton of food and other grocery items. That was so helpful when we were making two (2) house payments!}}

This whole process has been a blessing.  We have been able to go through some items and declutter!  Hooray for getting rid of things!!!  We also are able to see how big we need/want rooms to be.  It's helped us to know what rooms need to be larger, smaller, or are just fine how they are.  Ideas have come to mind while we are working on the house.  For example, we have decided to ask others about our placement of light switches.  Some rooms are easy to figure out, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.  Those go right inside the door.  Other rooms are harder to figure out.  Like the kitchen!!!  

Now that spring is upon us, hopefully we will be so busy getting the house done!!!

I hope that anyone with great ideas will share them with us.  Then we can find which ideas work for our family.
I am so excited to share our adventures!
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